MWAW2016 … There’s an App for That!

We’re extremely excited to announce the launch of our new Music & Worship Arts Week event app!

The app contains the full schedule of the week’s activities and allows you to customize a schedule that’s completely your own! You’ll also receive notifications regarding session changes, breaking news, and other important information throughout the week … and be able to connect with other attendees to share your experiences together.

The free app is available now in the App Store as well as Google Play. Simply search “Music Worship Arts Week” in your store to download it now.

Once you download, you’ll be able to create a personal profile and upload a photo. After your profile is created, you’ll be able to add notes to sessions and bookmark favorites.

NOTE: If you’re downloading the app on an iPad, you’ll need to change your store setting to “iPhone Only” apps. (The store will default to “iPad Only” apps. After completing a search, you can change the setting by tapping the dropdown in the upper left hand corner of your screen. The MWAW2016 app will function fully on an iPad.)



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