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A Gesture Refresher – Christopher Aspaas
For many of us, that conducting class back in college seems like a lifetime ago, and most of our time is spent in mastering patterns and attempting error detection. This session will present a variety of methodologies (chirognomy, Saito, Laban movement efforts, Eichenberger and more) for approaching gestures efficiently and effectively in order to create the best possible outcomes for our ensembles in rehearsal and performance. Even if you are not the conductor of your choir, come and experience a few moments on the podium!

Making a Joyful (but Maybe Improved) Sound – Shannon Jeffreys
This session will provide some practical tips for going beyond the notes for a more effective and meaningful sound.

The Four S’s of Rehearsal – Jon Hurty
Sing, Simplify, Systematize, Synthesize: This session deals with rehearsal structure and technique to help with efficient and effective time management. The approach helps conductors at any level to achieve musical and creative goals by finding useful ways to address learning and solve problems.

But How Does It Sound? – Christopher Aspaas
Much of our time spent in choral rehearsal is spent just “chasing the notes.” What about those next big steps into musical/spiritual expression? This session will explore ways to create an environment that increases our singers’ understanding of vocalism, engenders independence and ownership of the production, and improves the musical outcome.

Healthy Singing for All Ages! – Christopher Aspaas
This session will examine techniques and exercises that address some fundamentals of vocalism and healthy singing that apply to all singers: young and young at heart! Additionally, time will be dedicated specifically to the aging voice: specifically the physiological changes that cause our voices to change and singing to become more labor intensive. Tips for maintaining a healthy instrument for a lifetime will also be presented – bring your ideas and challenges!

Hymn Improvisations for Choir – Jon Hurty
Building confidence, community and creativity: We will explore ways that individuals can build confidence in their own voices, choirs can create community and we all can find creative expression with familiar hymns. This session will include fun and unique ways to explore music, the voice and worship in new ways.

Expressive Gestures – Shannon Jeffreys
Improving our conducting will inspire musical change in ensembles of all ages. This session provides simple drills for being a more efficient conductor. If we use effective gestures we can say less and save precious minutes in rehearsal.

Rehearsals to Fit and Feed the Brain – Terrie Preskitt-Brown
The human brain is a wonderful thing, and can be fed and nurtured in unique ways during a choral rehearsal. (Or not!) Explore how we, as choral musicians, can tweak our rehearsal style, pace and sequence so as to best “use the brain God gave us!”

Song Leading in Worship – Debra Tyree
Many of our congregations need a song leader to help them “sing the Lord’s song,” especially as we engage in singing a wide variety of styles of music. But how do you actually do that effectively? This seminar will include a quick discussion about the role of the song leader, including a look at the historical and biblical background of the song leader. The primary focus, however, will be from a practical “how-to, why-to, who-to and when-to” point of view.

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Children and Youth Choral

Unleashing the Gifts of Youth in Your Church – Dan Stokes
Many faith communities invest in programs to attract youth based on cultural trends. This seminar is built on the belief that youth long for meaning and purpose. Thoughtful, engaging music ministry can open the door to faith through youth involvement.

Unleashing the Gift of Youth to Transform the World – Dan Stokes
Music ministry can open doors for youth to serve in the name of Christ in ways beyond their imagination. Experiences of service can become life changing encounters, building passionate disciples.

Getting the Sound You Want to Hear – Sandy Holland
Attendees will learn techniques for working with young singers, including many “tricks of the trade” that have been the foundation of years of teaching experience. Vocal games and exercises to aid the healthy development of the child’s singing voice as well as the stages of a child’s vocal development will be discussed.

Children’s Musicals – Terrie Preskitt-Brown
The Agony and the Ecstasy — Ah, the Theatre! How to work with Penny Prima Donna (and her mom!), Carl the Custodian, Liam the Light Guy and Sam the Sound Man (who usually works with the contemporary band!). Strategies for fun auditions, re-writing shows, sets, costumes, all while retaining some level of sanity.

Teaching More than the Notes – Sandy Holland
In this session, we will discuss many ways to present new repertoire to young singers, including how to decide the best approach and various techniques to not only aid singers in learning the repertoire, but in building musical literacy skills.

Conducting 101 – Terrie Preskitt-Brown
Choral voice teaching through gesture: Children’s choirs that sound wonderful are often led by conductors who use unique gestures and techniques for coaxing out those lovely sounds. We’ll look at several ways to refine, re-purpose and re-lax our conducting to inspire wonderful singing.

How to Bring Your Youth Choir to Music Week and Live to Tell About It! – Rick Branch
FUMC Pensacola has brought its youth choir to Music Week about every three years since 1996. Come to the Junaluska Apartments to see how we live, eat, play and pray. We will discuss everything it takes to bring a youth choir to the Lake. Sample tour books will be provided to participants. If you’re lucky, you might even see a youth or two in their (Lake J) natural habitat!

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Choral for Youth/Young Adult Attendees

Voice Class – Melodie Galloway (Senior High Students Only)
This laboratory-style seminar will explore vocal techniques for high school singers. Breath support, placement, resonance and alignment will be discussed and demonstrated. Under the guidance of Dr. Melodie Galloway, director of the Lake Junaluska Singers, participants will sing various vocalises and phrases and discover ways to improve and mold their voices for beautiful sound. Members of the Lake Junaluska Singers will assist and share their insights and challenges as singers. This is an extended-length seminar and is limited to a total of 20 participating singers, who must attend both days.

Young Adult Choir Rehearsal – Mark Miller
This choir is open to young adults between 18 and 25 years of age. They will prepare music for the Thursday evening concert and Evening Prayer. Singers should participate in other choirs during morning rehearsals in addition to this group.

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Visual Ringing – Alice Myers
Ringing handbells are musical as much as they are visual in their art form. Spend time focusing on the visual side of the art to bring more interest, musicality and FUN to the table! Learn simple moves to help the music look as wonderful as it sounds.

Compose Something, Quick! – Karen Buckwater
Do you need a short fanfare for an upcoming festive service? Could you use a handbell processional for Advent or some simple chords to dress up a hymn for your children’s handbell choir? If you’ve always wanted to try your hand at composing/arranging but were afraid to start, this is the class for you.

So You Think You Can Ring? – Karen Buckwater
You ring all the right notes and you know all the techniques. But, are you driving your director crazy by making everything sound like a Sousa march? Does your bell choir’s participation in worship say “ho hum” to the congregation because “lyrical” and “majestic” both sound alike? Come join us and learn ways to make your director smile again as we take musical ringing to the next level.

Know When to Hold ‘Em – Alice Myers
You’ve got to know when to hold ’em, know when to stack ’em, know when to walk away, know when to run. You never drop your bells when you’re at the table. Ringers know that the secret to survivin’ is knowing when to weave away and what to keep. Four-in-hand is a winner and every ringer is a weaver. Now learning the best way to ring is within your reach! Session will also include time for weaving.

Ring & Sing Reading Seminar – Karen Buckwater
This will be an exploration of music that may be used with both handbells and voices.

Handbell Maintenance Class – Mickey Johnson
Mickey Johnson, a representative of Schulmerich Handbells, will be available to discuss handbell needs and equipment and teach elements of handbell repair.

Beginning Handbells – Diane Short
This seminar is for those who want to learn handbells. No experience is necessary. We will start with the basics and explore new techniques each day. Great for new ringers and handbell directors. (Youth and Adults welcome!)

Advanced Handbells for Youth – Danny Lyons
An auditioned choir of young ringers who play at an advanced level. The choir will perform in the Thursday afternoon handbell concert. Auditions for the group are Sunday from 2:00 to 4:30 p.m. in Lambuth 100.

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Creative Hymn Playing: Hymns – Kiyo and Chiemi Watanabe
This seminar will discuss and demonstrate various ways to introduce hymns for worship services. Come and learn some simple but effective techniques for hymn playing.

Creative Hymn Playing: Harmonization, Interludes, and Codas – Kiyo and Chiemi Watanabe
In this seminar we will discuss and demonstrate actual hymn playing, including applying different harmonizations, interludes between verses, and finishing with some short codas.

Organ Duet Repertoire – Kiyo and Chiemi Watanabe
Since the Watanabes specialize in organ duets, they will introduce some repertoire for organ duets as well as piano and organ duets. Some will be hymn tunes along with other literature.

Directing from the Console – David Donathan
Participants will learn how to perfect their skills when leading a choir from the organ console (or piano). Items to be discussed include using your body from the waist up to conduct, editing music and learning shortcuts that free up one hand for entrance cues, adapting piano music to the organ, and more! This will be treated like a studio class, so participants are encouraged to bring an anthem to share with the class who will then become the choir. Class participation is limited to 10 individuals.

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Instrumental Ensemble – Jim Kilgus
Open to all instrumentalists through an audition on Sunday afternoon. Ensemble performs a concert Thursday afternoon. This is an extended-length seminar and continues through Seminar II. (Youth and Adults welcome!)

Worship Band Rehearsal – Isaac Gaff
All musicians and singers interested in rehearsing and leading in worship this week with the Worship Band are encouraged to participate in this seminar. Attendance each day is requested and the seminar continues until 6:00 p.m. each day. (Youth and Adults welcome!)

Q & A Seminar with DRUM Instructor – Leanna Baldwin
Leanna Baldwin will discuss the DRUM program and answer your questions in the DRUM classroom of the Children’s Building.

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Dance in Worship

Processionals – Stella Matusuda
Begin the worship service with colorful and effective ways to introduce movement and dance. These processionals can set the tone or the service. Props will be suggested to enhance the visual effects. (Youth and Adults welcome!)

Singing and Dancing the Psalms – Emmalyn Moreno
Bring your two favorite Psalms to this session. We will begin with Psalm 23, composing music (simple melody line) AND creating movement to enhance your appreciation of the Psalms. (Youth and Adults welcome!)

Flags & Silks – Christine Thomas
Learn how to incorporate the colors and symbols of the Bible in your praise dance routines. Colorful silks and flags can add a new element to your routines and glorify God through the colors that are mentioned in the Bible. Biblical references as well as techniques for using flags and silks will be included. (Youth and Adults welcome!)

Using Scripture as Inspiration for Movement – Stella Matsuda
Which scriptures are good for movement interpretation and how can we begin to approach some movement ideas? Find effective yet simple ways for even the non-dancer to add another dimension to the worship service. (Youth and Adults welcome!)

Tri-a-Logue – Emmalyn Moreno
Facilitating the conversation between dance minister, pastor and music ministers for creating a beautiful moving experience on all levels. Leader will teach Chant of the 4 Directions, a gathering song (original compositions/choreography). Session will begin to create a piece suitable for use during the service, such as a processional or post communion mediation. Please bring a notebook.

Movement for the Entire Congregation – Stella Matsuda
Involving the entire congregation in moving with the dancer(s) helps them to connect and understand the role of movement/dance within worship. But even more important, to experience a “movement prayer” within one’s own body opens their heart and spirit to praise fully. (Youth and Adults welcome!)

Dance of the Ages – Emmalyn Moreno
A discussion on how to incorporate different ages and abilities into choreography, including ideas for children or any dancer with limited mobility. Leader will teach her original composition and choreography for “5 Loaves & 2 Fishes,” based on John 6:1-13. (Youth and Adults welcome!)

Shadow Dancing – Christine Thomas
Looking for a unique way to share the love of Christ? Shadows may be your answer. Come and learn about creating movement with shadows that will get the attention of worshipers in a new way. (Youth and Adults welcome!)

‘God Rod’ Movement Choir – Burrell
This session will be a music interpretation using “Rods for God.” We will learn how to use wooden dowel rods to creatively interpret a song, ultimately sharing a beautiful message and the love of God through this innovative delivery technique. (Youth and Adults welcome!)

Choreography to Go – Emmalyn Moreno & Ruth Singletary
Beginning basic choreography (Moreno): Bring hymn or sheet music and/or recording to class. We will begin to create dance moves that include different modes of expression as a springboard for you to take back to your church. (Youth and Adults welcome!)
Christmas dance (Singletary): Christmas is a wonderful time to introduce worship dance in your church. In this seminar, you will learn an entire dance that you can take back to your church and teach to folks of all ages. This seminar is for anyone with a desire to “dance before the Lord.” No dance experience is required. (Youth and Adults welcome!)

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Dance (for Fun!)

Line Dancing – Ruth Singletary
We will explore many styles of line dancing including hip hop, country, Latin/Salsa, Charleston and more! Fun for all ages. No dance experience required. (Youth and Adults welcome!)

African Dance – Emmalyn Moreno
This will be a very energetic introduction to West African dance movement. Come and join the fun of African dance experience. Bring any African percussion instrument you might have – drums, shakers, etc. Please wear dance gear OR comfortable clothing that allows full movement. (Youth and Adults welcome!)

Move It – Move It – Move It! – Emmalyn Moreno
A movement class for all ages and abilities — we will explore different dance movements and styles. Incorporating balance, easy to challenging combinations, and exercise, this class will get you up and moving! Please wear dance gear OR comfortable clothing that allows full movement, bring water and a towel — and be ready to MOVE! Shoes are optional. (Youth and Adults welcome!)

Ballroom Dancing: Waltz – Shari Huggett-Milton
Learn the basic patterns, lead and follow skills, of the ballroom waltz. Learn to glide effortlessly. This waltz is punctuated with lavish movements, turns, and spins. Having a partner is not necessary to take this seminar. Wear comfortable and smooth-bottom shoes. (Youth and Adults welcome!)

Ballroom Dancing: Salsa – Shari Huggett-Milton
A seminar to learn basic patterns, lead and follow skills of LA-style Salsa. Learn to shift body weight along with upper body control. Arm and shoulder movements are also incorporated. While a partner is helpful, it is not necessary to take this seminar. Wear comfortable clothes and smooth-bottom shoes.

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Theatre in Worship

Preparation for Worship – David Mitchell
A workshop designed for any adults and youth who would like to help lead in morning worship this week through theatrical participation. Theatrical elements will be rehearsed for presentation in worship throughout the week. ALL ARE WELCOME TO PARTICIPATE. Meets Monday through Wednesday at this time only. (Youth and Adults welcome!)

Workshop for “Improv of the Word” – David Mitchell
A workshop for all ages employing the art of improvisational theatre to interpret scripture and convey inspiration and encouragement through the presentation of short dramatic scenes based on the theme of the day. (Youth and Adults welcome!)

Workshop for “Pulpit of the Stage” – David Mitchell
A workshop for all ages designed to teach how to incorporate dramatic presentation in the worship service. Thematic scenes from the Bible can be used as a prelude to the sermon to assist in the natural understanding of the text or message. (Youth and Adults welcome!)

Workshop for “Action!” – David Mitchell
A workshop for all ages employing the art of theatre movement and blocking for the stage. Come and discover the role of the director as it relates to the mounting and staging of theatrical presentations. (Youth and Adults welcome!)

Workshop for “Ready for the Big Show” – David Mitchell
A workshop for all ages who would like to learn how to develop a Christmas pageant play about the story of the birth of Jesus. Participants will create a one-act play and learn how to expand it into a full-length musical theatre play for their respective churches and communities. (Youth and Adults welcome!)

Workshop for “The Spoken Word” – David Mitchell
A workshop for all ages who would like to learn how to develop a play utilizing poetry, spoken word and multi-media (interpretive photography and/or video) to convey a powerful message of God’s Word through contemporary art forms. (Youth and Adults welcome!)

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Visuals in Worship

Symbolism: Reclaiming God’s Language – Wendy Marble
There was a time when art and religion were on a shared spiritual quest: to express the inexpressible. Both employed the symbols and metaphors of the Bible, both served to interpret the life and parables of Jesus. Yet in the 21st century, we are no longer able to decipher many of the signs that point to the divine in everyday life. Come and explore this lost language (and how to add to it); invigorate the purpose and beauty of Christian symbolism in your hearts and congregations. (Youth and Adults welcome!)

Drawing as Ritual Reconnection – Wendy Marble
For too many of us, we’ve been told or we think we simply can’t draw. Yet drawing is not only one of the first gestures that we made as children, it’s also one of the first acts of ancient humans to express the divine. With a few simple exercises you can learn to silence your inner critic and offer your spirit a new way to reconnect to God through the movements and “present-momentness” of drawing. No experience is necessary. (Youth and Adults welcome!)

Art/Fear/Spirit: Risking the Deep – Wendy Marble
What do you use the visual arts for in your church: Decoration … or transformation? To have a spiritual encounter with art, must the work be “religious?” Are we afraid to reach more deeply for God through our imaginations and senses? Experience the tools artists use to engage our eyes, and the ways to which the Spirit uses that attraction to help us confront God’s depth of meaning in our lives and worship. (Youth and Adults welcome!)

Altar Design and You(th) – Selina Heslep
Why is the sanctuary all in purple? What do those symbols mean? How are the church seasons part of worship? In this seminar we will be working through those questions and more as we design and create our own altars based on the seasons of the church year. This will be a hands-on and participatory time! Come ready to create! (Especially for Youth!)

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The Best of All Worlds – Michael Cromwell
Convergent worship — contemporary or traditional? Why not both? Why should we have to choose? This seminar will explore different ways in which worship designers/leaders can incorporate elements from various styles of worship in one convergent worship service. Convergent worship is not about conflicting or competing ideas; rather, it is about finding various elements that complement one another for the same purpose in the corporate worship service. It’s the best of all worlds!

Making Disciples According to the Gospels – Clarence Brown
Making Disciples for Transformation in Matthew: Exploring the mission and structure(s) of the church and the priority of making disciples through the ministry of teaching.
Making Disciples for Transformation in Mark: A continued exploration of the making of disciples through the many facets of the ministry of proclamation.
Making Disciples for Transformation in John: A look at the many ways of making the connection with the transformation of the world through the ministry of presence.

Contemporary Music for Traditional Musicians – Jackson Henry
This class involves exploration of modern music and the consideration of its value in worship. Included will be a discussion about how to place value on music of all kinds and its place in worship in the church. The goal is to help churches see the work of God in music across a variety of styles.

The General Conference Backstory – Laura Jaquith Bartlett
A behind-the-scenes look at planning worship for GC2016: This will be a whirlwind tour of the 2 1/2 year process of designing 27 worship services across 11 days for a multicultural, multi-lingual congregation of several thousand persons, most of whom were strangers to each other! We’ll use humor as well as candor to lift up some highlights, the lowlights, and the insights gleaned from the experience. As worship artists, what can we learn from GC worship that will be helpful in our own settings?

Worship at Your Fingertips – Jackson Henry
Come and hear about the great resources for worship planners at, the website for Discipleship Ministries of the UMC. Liturgies, hymns, preaching notes, articles, and other resources will be discussed, as well as a vision of what these new resources will look like in the future as the worship team of Taylor Burton-Edwards, Dawn Chesser, and Jackson Henry work together to create resources for the modern church. Also included will be a discussion of the CCLI Top 100 Vetting project and, if supported at General Conference, the new United Methodist Hymnal project.

Worship Design is a Team Sport – Michael Cromwell
Creativity seems to flow best when we work in teams. Too often, worship designers/leaders plan worship in isolation. Of course, the Holy Spirit can move and work within an individual leader, but creativity can flow in even greater volumes when planning and designing with a team. This seminar will offer suggestions and a guide for worship design with teams (and ways to develop a worship design team if you don’t already have one).

Song Leading in Worship – Debra Tyree
Many of our congregations need a song leader to help them “sing the Lord’s song,” especially as we engage in singing a wide variety of styles of music. But how do you actually do that effectively? This seminar will include a quick discussion about the role of the song leader, including a look at the historical and biblical background of the song leader. The primary focus, however, will be from a practical “how-to, why-to, who-to and when-to” point of view.

Worship Planning Ideas & Resources Roundtable – Michael Cromwell
We will spend this seminar sharing some of our favorite ideas and implementations in worship. We have much to learn from each other, so come and share your ideas while gaining fresh thoughts and ideas from other worship designers. We will also spend time discussing various current worship planning resources.

Evening Prayer Worship Planning (Young Adults) – Mark Miller & Michael Cromwell
Join other young adults as we creatively plan for each evening prayer worship service. We will spend time coordinating music, prayer, liturgy, visual designs, etc. Worship design and planning in teams is an exhilarating experience where one can feel the power and presence of the Holy Spirit in palpable ways; come be a part of something very special as we prepare to lead the MWAW worshiping body. All young adults are invited and encouraged to attend.

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Slow Flow Yoga – Becky Hoag
Yoga is a time to bring your mind, body and spirit back into connection. Breathing and meditation will be emphasized as well as traditional yoga poses presented in a flowing, moving format. Dress comfortably, as you may sweat! This class is open to all adults. Please bring your own yoga mat if possible!

Yoga for Youth – Becky Hoag
Come enjoy the company of other youth as you learn traditional yoga poses. Experience strength and calmness after you participate in this fun, yet challenging seminar. Dress comfortably and be prepared to move! (Extra credit if you bring your own mat!)

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Communion Bread Baking – Bilbrey
This is a seminar to learn the art of baking communion bread. Bread baked in these seminars will be used for communion during the final worship service Friday morning. Each person attending gets a fresh loaf of bread! (Youth and Adults welcome!)

Sign Language – Ministry in Action – Lori Burrell
Come and learn how to utilize sign language to interpret music to assist the listener in receiving the Christian story and message. (Minimal movement will also be incorporated.) Song for the seminar will be “All Glory” by Levi Bagge.(Youth and Adults welcome!)

Social Justice and Youth Choirs: Match Made in Heaven? – Rick Branch
Do the youth in our choirs care about LGBTQ equality? Or about children that are charged as adults in our criminal justice system? Or bullying, sexual abuse, drug abuse, or political discourse? They care deeply about those and many other issues that affect all of us. Join our information roundtable discussion (which will include youth who are actively working on social justice issues) about how to start the conversation with our youth, how to move from conversation to active participation in making our world a more Christ-like place to live. No matter where you where you fall on the theological spectrum, this will be a safe place for open and honest discussion.

Craft Seminars – Mary Beth and Melissa Hunter
Pine Cone Flowers: Use the pine cones that fell last autumn to create colorful pine cone flowers this year! This craft allows both youth and adults to re-use Mother Nature’s best seed carriers to create artful decorations. This is the perfect gift to take home from MWAW at Lake Junaluska. (Youth and Adults welcome!)
Paper Flower Pens: Both youth and adults will create paper flower pens, using craft paper to create embellish ordinary ink pens. (Youth and Adults welcome!)
Floral Orbs: This adult craft will use scraps of fabric, simple pins, and Styrofoam balls to create colorful floral orbs to decorate any area. Sprayed with perfume, they could be used as a deodorizer, or simply to brighten up any space. (Adults only.)

Especially for Youth – Bolten
Are you a United Methodist? Do you know why? – Find out in a fun and exciting visit to the World Methodist Museum to discover the history of our church. Enjoy a very short film before you explore the exhibits – including the death mask of John Wesley! What’s that? Come to the museum to find out – you will be surprised. Enjoy the challenge of a scavenger hunt before you leave. See things you will always remember and talk about back home!

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