What is a Group?

For the purposes of registration, a “group” is three or more persons who wish to pay all registration fees on ONE bill. A group can be 3 or more adults, a family, a group of adults, youth and children from the same church, etc. If different members of the group wish to pay individually (for example with different credit cards), then they are not part of the “group”. If you have questions, call the national Fellowship office at 1-800-952-8977.

Registering Your Group

Allow yourself enough time — plan on about 5 minutes per registrant. If you make a mistake, take a deep breath and call David at 800-952-8977. If you make a mistake after office hours, take a deep breath and continue in the process until the end of that registration. Call David at 800-952-8977 the next day.

Step 1: Determine Group Leader

Choose a group leader for your group. The group leader should be the person who will be responsible for disseminating information to the rest of the group.

Step 2: Register the Group Leader

Proceed through the registration process for the group leader. At the appropriate time, check the box: I am the group leader. Answer the address, password, photo release, registration fee, and housing option questions for the group leader.

Step 3: Click ‘Add Another Person’

The fees for all registrants in the group will be added together and charged to the first person in the group. If different members of the group are paying individually (for example with different credit cards), you must create separate registrations for each person.

Step 4: Register Your Other Participants

To add another registrant, you’ll be asked for an email address to identify the new registrant.

FOR CHILDREN AND YOUTH, please use the group leader’s email address. This will protect the privacy of the child’s or youth’s personal email address. Also, all email related to the event will be sent to the group leader. You may see a screen that states “Our records show that this email address was used to register for this event.” If you see this screen, click the blue box that says, “Begin a new registration with this email.”

FOR ADULTS, you may use either the group leader’s email address or the adult’s email address. If you choose to use the adult registrant’s email address, they will receive all information about their registration and the event at their email address. Questions? Call the event registrar at 800-952-8977.

Step 5: Participant Information

After entering an email address for the new registrant, choose the appropriate registration type. On the next screen, enter the registrant’s name. You may use the same address as the group leader (appropriate for children and youth) or a different address (appropriate for adult registrants). Keep the same password and check the photo waiver. On the next screen, choose the registration fee, housing option, and any other options that appear.

Step 6: Group List

On the next screen, you’ll see a list of the group’s registered participants. If you have left anyone off, you may click “Add Another Person” at this point to continue to add registrants. If your list is complete, then continue to the next screen.

HELPFUL TIP: It is a good idea to enter 3 or 4 registrations and then complete them by selecting the Payment Method “Check” on the checkout page, the click FINISH at the bottom of the Checkout page. This is the only way to save the registrations you have entered. Then choose “Manage Your Registration” on the confirmation screen to go back into the registration system to continue to add additional people. This will ensure that the information will be saved as you go along.

Step 7: Proceed to Payment

When your group list is complete, confirm all of your participant names. The fees for the entire group are also listed. Choose your payment method at the bottom of the screen. If you choose to pay by check, you can print out an invoice to submit to your treasurer for payment.

MAKE SURE YOU CLICK “FINISH” TO COMPLETE THE REGISTRATIONS OR YOUR INFORMATION WILL NOT BE SAVED! (If you intend to pay by credit card but get stuck in the process, complete the registrations by selecting pay by check on the checkout page.)

If you are not comfortable with the online registration process, you may want to get another adult from your church to assist you.


Contact David Bone:
Normal office hours are Monday to Friday, 8:30 a.m. – 4:30 p.m., Central Time. Voicemail may be left at other times for a prompt return call during the next office hours.